Raptor TB-906 (Blue) Plastic Hard Case

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Product Description

Raptor TB-906 (Blue)



  • Calibers Fit in: 9mm, 380 ACP, 30 Luger, 9mm Makarov
  • Max. OAL = 1.22”
  • Indestructible polypropylene material.
  • Snap-Lock latch to prevent spilling.
  • Textured finish makes it easier to grip and harder to scratch.
  • It is durable and won't warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract.
  • Specially designed for shooters who require a 50 round supply of very accurate ammunition.
  • External DIM.(LxWxD):    120*120*35mm
  • Material:    Engineering Polypropylene Plastic
  • Weight:    0.1Kg
  • Round:    100
  • Colors:    Clear Blue
  • Type:    Ammo Boxes Rifle
  • Waterproof IP 65, Fits .204, .222, .223 ETC
  • Material:Engineering Polypropylene Plastic
  • Waterproof:IP65

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