3 Reasons To Buy the Raptor Case 6000 Air - Tase Visuals

The Raptor 6000 Air

1. Fits everywhere!

It's not so big and intrusive that it will be a hindrance to bring around but instead it fits everywhere! In the backseat of the car or even if you have 


3 Ways To Carry

- Standard Mode - Using the top handle to hold the case up vertically.

- Suitcase Mode - Using the side handle to hold it horizontally.

- Trolley Mode - If it's too heavy, you can use the convenient pull out handle and wheels to drag it along.


2. Capacity

It has an interior length of 530mm and an interior depth of 200mm. It can fit 2 cameras, lenses, gimbals and all the other peripherals you might need inside. 

There is also a possibility to use the divider that is also available to make the divisions inside more efficient for space  and adjust it to the type of equipment you are trying to fit inside.


3. Price Point

Priced under PHP 8000 with the divider which is the best budget alternative versus other competitors like Pelican.


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