Ian Celis pursued his passion and continues to create professional wedding videos with Ian Celis Productions (ICP). His company is renowned for producing wedding videos, but they also produced music videos for celebrities like Jonalyn Viray's "Help me Get Over," sports videos for Nike, online advertisements for various brands, and documentaries. 🎥💍

For Ian Celis, creating wedding videos is his passion because it allows him to capture candid moments during events. He appreciates the absence of scripts, storyboards, and formal direction in weddings, which allows for creativity to flourish—an excellent opportunity for his team to develop their skills.

Learn more about Ian Celis' journey and the humble beginnings of ICP by watching the full video.

These are the 4 things, Ian Celis emphasizes that you need to remember to succeed in the industry. 💯👌

Four key characteristics:

  1. Be versatile.
  2. Always have a clear goal.
  3. Build relationships with your clients.
  4. Seek guidance from above.

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