My Creative Resolutions for 2023: Travel and Take more Photos!

Travel and take more photos! 

Sometimes I get so caught up in my daily life, whether it's work or personal errands, and I find myself forgetting what I did the days before. I used to take so many pictures and look back at the fond memories even of the little things that happen in my everyday life like what I cooked that other week, who I met with 2 months ago or even how my dog was posing the other day.

Browsing through YouTube, I came across this video of Peter Mckinnon. I used to watch him all the time and a bunch of other creators who focus on photograhy but I found myself unable to make time for my passions for a while now. This video appeared on my feed and really helped ignite my love for photography again:

Sometimes it's a little hard to start or rekindle an old flame for something that you really enjoyed and I think a good start for me would be to change my everyday scenery. How do I do that? I travel. Going around the world or other islands here in the Philippines is great but even checking out local spots that are unfamiliar to me could help my creative juices flow. In the future, I'll be creating a list of great spots that budding photographers could possibly visit also to take inspiration from! I'd love to hear from 

This year, I will rekindle my passion for photography and take pictures of everything! 🔥

- Creative Carlo