Tips For Buying Your First Drone

Aerial photography and videography has changed the world of content creation. Whether as a hobbyist or a professional, everybody’s clamoring to get the latest drone in the market so now let us remind you how important it is to know what you really NEED. In this article, we will share basic guidelines for you to consider when buying your first drone.

Buying a drone is not an easy decision but we are here to help you. We’ve carefully categorized and selected specific drones based on your possible needs.



If you’re a beginner who just wants to get a drone and fly without considering the technicalities like image quality, flight time, aerial speed and other creative motions then the DJI RYZE TELLO is your best option. It is considered as a “TOY DRONE” because of how easy it is to control, even kids can safely manage and have fun with it. Available in Standard (Quadcopter Only) and Boost Combo which comes with extra batteries and accessories for additional flying time.


If you’re starting out and are someone who’s particularly interested in cinematic shots, 4k video resolution, quickshot functions and easy to store drones you might as well need the DJI MINI 2. This drone is well known for its lightweight (249g) and foldable design, high quality video resolution and (RTH) Return to Home feature which content creators, hobbyists and freelancers love. The DJI MINI 2 is considered to be a bang for the buck! Its value for money made it one of the best selling consumer drones in the market. You can choose between the Standard Kit and Fly More Combo, just like the other Drones, Fly More Combo offers the best value for your money.


For serious hobbyists and professional aerial videographers, they require only the best image quality they can get from a drone. Sporting with 5.4k video resolution, MasterShots, Obstacle Sensing in 4 Directions, 12km 1080p video transmission, 20MP photo resolution and D-Log 10Bit Color Profile, the DJI MAVIC AIR 2S has been the top choice of professional freelance videographers and full-time content creators in the consumer drones category.The DJI MAVIC AIR 2S is also available in Standard Kit and Fly More Combo, but this time the accessories added to the Fly More Combo Kit is way better than the other FMC, DJI added an ND Filter set which allows you to create more cinematic aerial shots helping filmmakers shoot in broad daylight.


There are a lot of consumer drones that are available in the market today and choosing which one to get can be tough. You either choose a less expensive drone and compromise the video quality or save up and get the best value for your money. At the end of the day, it still depends on your drone needs so it’s essential to know your drone very well. Message us or check out our website to shop now: