DJI Air 2s ACCESSORIES: Low Noise Propellers (Pair)

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DJI Propellers for Air 2s

Keep your drone airborne with this pair of Low-Noise Propellers for Air 2S from DJI. Each blade has been crafted to produce high aerodynamic efficiency, reduce flight noise, and lower power consumption.


Each blade has undergone a precise dynamic balance test, resulting in less noise, more aerodynamic efficiency, lower power consumption, and improved endurance.


Longer, quieter flight.


Please install the blade strictly according to the instructions.

In The Box

Low-Noise Propellers (Pair) × 1


Model: 7238 Low-Noise Propellers

Diameter×Thread Pitch: 18.3×9.7 cm

Weight: 4.8 g (each)


DJI Air 2S

Key Features

  • Less Flight Noise
  • High Aerodynamic Efficiency
  • Helps Lower Power Consumption

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