DJI Pocket 3 Creator Combo

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Pickup currently unavailable at Altitude Digital, Sparta Philippines, Pioneer St. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

Key Features:

  • 1" CMOS Sensor
  • 2" Rotatable screen &
  • Smart Horizontal-vertical Shooting
  • D-Log M & 10-Bit
  • 4K 120fps
  • Full-pixel fast focus
  • Active Track 6.0
  • 3-microphone array (Stereo Recording)
  • Spinshot
  • Supports high-definition livestreaming
  • DJI MIC 2 TX


  1. What is the minimum object distance supported by Osmo Pocket 3?
    The minimum object distance is 20 cm.
  2. What is Osmo Pocket 3's color mode D-Log M?
    D-Log M is designed to capture a wide dynamic range from the sensor, and colors are distributed evenly so the bright and dark parts of the video have greater fidelity and clarity. It is not a LUT but a lower-contrast video with a flat color profile, which is great for expanding post-processing options.
  3. What focus modes are available on Osmo Pocket 3?
    Single, Continuous, and Product Showcase mode.
  4. What is Osmo Pocket 3's operating time?
    166 minutes.
    Tested at room temperature (25° C/77° F) and 1080p/24fps (16:9), with Wi-Fi off and screen off. This data is for reference only.
  5. Does Osmo Pocket 3 support fast charging?
    Yes, it can be charged to 80% in 16 minutes and 100% in 32 minutes.
    Tested in a laboratory environment with the DJI 65W PD charger (sold separately).
  6. Can I use Osmo Pocket 3 while charging?
    Yes, but we recommend using it after it is fully charged. Osmo Pocket 3 draws power directly from the power input while recording and only charges the battery when recording has stopped.
  7. How do I export photos and videos from Osmo Pocket 3?
    1. Connect to the DJI Mimo app and download the content to your smartphone.
    2. Insert the microSD card from Osmo Pocket 3 into a computer.
    3. Connect to a computer or an OTG-supported smartphone through a USB-C cable.
  8. At what point does Osmo Pocket 3 split a recording into different videos?
    Osmo Pocket 3 will automatically split the recording without damaging quality when it approaches 16 GB.
  9. Does Osmo Pocket 3 support livestreaming? What platforms does it support?
    It supports YouTube and RTMP platforms.
  10. How much operating time can the Battery Handle add to Osmo Pocket 3?
    When fully charged and connected to Osmo Pocket 3, the Battery Handle can increase the operating time by approximately 62% (an additional 103-min operating time at 1080p/24fps).
    Data tested under laboratory conditions at 25° C (77° F) and can be used for reference only.
  • Osmo Pocket 3× 1
  • Type-C to Type-C PD Cable× 1
  • Osmo Pocket 3 Protective Cover× 1
  • DJI Wrist Strap× 1
  • Osmo Pocket 3 Handle With 1/4″ Thread× 1
  • Osmo Pocket 3 Wide-Angle Lens× 1
  • DJI Mic 2 Transmitter (Shadow Black)× 1
  • DJI Mic 2 Windscreen× 1
  • DJI Mic 2 Clip Magnet× 1
  • Osmo Pocket 3 Battery Handle× 1
  • Osmo Mini Tripod× 1
  • Osmo Pocket 3 Carrying Bag× 1

Customer Reviews

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William Ducay
Amazing product and deal offer

Thank you altitude team for giving me chance to purchase this product.
OP3 is the best vlogging tools for travellers that gives you a convenient way to create an awsome video.


Altitude Digital team came through for me again. Answering my queries and getting me on the list for this most saught after vlogging device. Excited to use this yet again on my YouTube videos. Customer service has definitely improved. Kudos tea. Excited to get my next camera feom you guys. Keep me posted! Cheers!

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