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Enhanced operation efficiency, native vertical shooting, and an expanded accessory ecosystem make the DJI RS 4 Pro a powerful tool for the mirrorless camera shooter. The gimbal only weighs around 2.74 lb and sports a load capacity of 10 lb capable of supporting your compact camera build. The combo includes a Focus Pro Motor with a rod mount kit, a Ronin Image Transmitter, a focus gear strip, a briefcase handle, and a carrying case. Teflon-coated axes reduce friction for a smoother balancing and operating experience. Other intuitive features include a fine-tuning knob, auto-locking OLED screen, and RSA communication port for use with expanded accessories.

Key Features:
  • 2nd-Gen Native Vertical Shooting
  • 4.5kg (10lbs) Payload Capacity With a 20% Increase in Motor Torque
  • Supports Dual Focus & Zoom Motors With Remote Control
  • LiDAR Focusing: 76,800 Ranging Points, 20-Meter Subject Focusing
  • LiDAR & Transmission Interconnectivity
  • Approx. 2.4x Battery Runtime, All-Scenario Solutions

    Product Specifications:

    1. What are the differences between the RS 4 Pro and the RS 3 Pro?
      DJI RS 4 Pro supports second-generation native vertical shooting, allowing you to seamlessly switch between horizontal and vertical shooting without the need for additional accessories. It also introduces a new joystick mode switch, enabling quick switching of the joystick mode to zoom control. The roll axis has added dual rolling bearings for smoother and easier adjustments. The second-generation automated axis locks can achieve smaller gaps when locked, reducing gimbal shakes further.
    2. Is the DJI RS 4 Pro waterproof?
      No. The ports on DJI RS 4 Pro are not waterproof or dustproof. Please keep away from water and dust during use to avoid damaging the device.
    3. What materials are the RS 4 composed of?
      DJI RS 4 Pro is primarily composed of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.
    4. Does the DJI RS 4 have any key shortcuts?
      1. Power Button
      Press and hold: Power on/off.
      Press once: Sleep/wake.‌
      2. Trigger
      Press and hold: Enter Lock/FPV mode (customizable).
      Press twice: Recenter the gimbal.
      Press three times: Enter Selfie mode.
      3. Front Dial
      Electronic focusing (by default).
      4. Camera Control Button
      Press halfway: Autofocus.
      Press once: Start/stop recording.
      Press and hold: Take a photo.
      5. Joystick
      Zoom Control‌
      Push up or pull down: Control external focus motor zoom, Power Zoom for Sony PZ lenses, or Sony Clear Image Zoom.
      Gimbal Control
      Push up or pull down: Control tilt axis movement (by default).
      Push left or right: Control pan axis movement (by default).
      6. M Button‌
      Press once: Can be customized to Take Photos, C1/Fn1 Button Mapping, or LiDAR AF/MF.
      Press and hold: Enter Sport Mode.
      Press and hold the M button while pressing the trigger twice: Enter and remain in Sport Mode. Repeat to exit.Press and hold the M button and trigger: Start Auto Tune.
    5. Are the battery grips of the RS 4 Pro, DJI RS 4, and RS 3 Pro interchangeable?
      The DJI RS 4 Pro battery grip is compatible with DJI RS 4 and DJI RS 3 Pro. However, the DJI RS 4 battery grip cannot be used with DJI RS 4 Pro.
    6. Can the DJI RS 4 Pro be used while charging?

    Gimbal × 1
    BG30 Battery Grip × 1
    Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto) × 1
    Extended Grip/Tripod (Metal) × 1
    Briefcase Handle × 1
    Lens-Fastening Support (Extended) × 1
    Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C, 30 cm) × 1
    USB-C Charging Cable (40 cm) × 1
    Screw Kit × 1
    Carrying Case × 1
    DJI Logo Sticker × 1
    USB-C Power Cable (20 cm) × 1
    Mini-HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable (20 cm) × 1
    Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable (20 cm) × 1
    Mini-HDMI to Micro-HDMI Cable (20 cm) × 1
    Ronin Image Transmitter × 1
    Focus Pro Motor × 1
    FIZ Sticker × 1
    Focus Pro Motor Rod Mount Kit × 1
    Focus Gear Strip × 1
    Lower Quick-Release Plate (Extended) × 1
    Phone Holder × 1

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