EcoFlow 45W Portable Solar Panel

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With it's compact design and lightweight, a 45W portable solar panel is the ideal companion for RIVER 2 Series power stations, providing a simple and convenient charging experience

With the introduction of TOPCon solar technology, a first in the mini portable solar panel industry, we've set a new standard for conversion efficiency, achieving 25%. This enables faster charging in a more compact form. Fully charge RIVER 2 in 7 hours during peak sunlight hours, and power your electronics and essential camping appliances for a longer adventure.

Easily fit into any compact space With its folding four-panel structure, the portable solar panel significantly reduces in size when folded, allowing it to easily fit into compact spaces such as backpacks, SUVs, or minivans.

With a high IP68 waterproof rating and a protective ETFE film, the solar cells continue to collect energy even during downpours.

In addition to being laid flat on the ground or tilted using a stand, the 45W portable solar panel can be hung using the four pre-cut eyelets and hooks included. Whether hung on your car or backpack, save time by charging while you're heading to your next destination.

Product Specifications:
Rated Power 45W
Cell Type N Type TOPCon monocrystalline silicon
Efficiency 25%
Open Circuit Voltage 25.6V
Short Circuit Current 2.1A
Weight (Solar Panel) 3.09 lb/1.4 kg
Unfolded Dimensions 38.58x12.17x1.77 in / 980x309x25 mm
Folded Dimensions 8.74x12.17x0.98 in / 222x309x45 mm
Waterproof Certification IP68

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