Ecoflow DELTA 2 Extra Battery

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By connecting the Ecoflow Delta 2 Smart Extra Battery to the Delta 2, you double the capacity from 1024 Wh to 2048 Wh. With the connection cable that comes standard with the Smart Extra Battery, the extra battery can be connected to the Delta 2. When the extra battery is connected to the Delta 2, it charges and discharges at the same time.

Brand Ecoflow
Dimensions 40 x 21,1 x 28,1 cm
Weight 9.5 kg

1. Can I charge the Delta 2 Extra Battery independently?

No. the extra battery must be connected to a powerstation in order to charge.

2. Does the Delta 2 Extra battery have any ports?

The Delta 2 extra battery only has an XT-150 for charging input and output.

3. Which powerstations are compatible with this device?

Compatible withDELTA 2 / DELTA Max 2000/ DELTA 2 Max

4. What is the capacity of the Delta 2 Extra Battery?


5. How do I connect the Delta 2 Extra Battery to a powerstation?

The Delta 2 Extra Battery can be connected using the extra battery cable (XT-150) Charging and discharging with the Extra BatteryWhen charging/discharging, the BMS will charge the one with low voltage first. It will then balance the charge in the two units before charging/discharging further.

6. What is the battery type?

LFP battery. 80% capacity remaining after 3000 cycles.

7. What other EcoFlow products can be used with the Delta 2 Max Extra Battery?

Powerstream, Wave 2 and Dual-Fuel Smart Generator

  • EcoFlow RIVER Pro Extra Battery
  • Expansion Power Cable

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