Ecoflow Delta 2 Max Smart Extra Battery

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Product Description

Power up your adventures with the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery. This portable powerhouse expands the capacity of your DELTA 2 Max by 2048Wh, letting you run essential appliances and devices for longer. It features LFP battery chemistry for extended lifespan and safety, and can be recharged quickly through AC or solar power. Take control with the EcoFlow app for remote monitoring and management.

Key Features:

  • Massive 2048Wh capacity: Extend the runtime of your DELTA 2 Max for off-grid living, emergencies, or outdoor activities.
  • Powerful output: Delivers up to 3200W AC power, running demanding appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.
  • Fast charging: Recharge from 0-80% in just 50 minutes with AC input or solar panels (sold separately).
  • Durable and safe: LFP battery chemistry offers 3000 cycles to 80% capacity, lasting 6x longer than traditional batteries. Built with safety certifications.
  • Smart control: Monitor and manage your battery remotely through the EcoFlow app.
  • Easy expansion: Add up to two DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Batteries for a total capacity of 6144Wh.

What's in the Box:

  • EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery
  • Extra Battery Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Product Specifications:

Column Specification
Brand EcoFlow
Model DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery
Capacity 2048Wh
Input Port 51.2V, 2000W Max
Output Port 51.2V, 3200W Max
Battery Chemistry LFP
Life Cycles 3000 cycles to >80% capacity
Dimensions 464 x 235 x 283 mm (18 x 9 x 11 in)
Weight 19kg (42lbs)
Warranty 3 years
Compatible with DELTA 2 / DELTA Max 2000 / DELTA 2 Max

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