EcoFlow River 2 Max Power Station + 45W Solar Panel Bundle

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The Ecoflow River 2 Max Portable Power Station is the updated version of the River Max. This power station has a LiFePO4 battery. The big advantage of this battery is the long life and the many charging cycles (3000+). In addition, the design has been carefully considered. The first generation consisted of 2 separate parts, whereby the power station was coupled with an extra battery module. The River Max 2 is more efficient and durable with its LiFePO4 battery of 512Wh. By placing the handle on the back of the power station, the power station can be easily carried.

With a battery capacity of 512 Wh and a maximum power of 500W (1000W peak load), this power station is suitable for charging/powering smartphones, tablets, laptops or lighting and household equipment, such as cool boxes.

Thanks to the X-Stream technology, it is possible to fully charge the River 2 Max in just 60 minutes. This means that you no longer have to lose extra time on unexpected trips. In addition, it is also possible to charge the River 2 Max via the supplied 12V car charger, or in combination with solar panels. A maximum of 220 W / 50V can be connected via the solar input together with the MC4 to XT60 cable. During good weather conditions, the charging time is only 3 hours on average.

Product Specification:

Brand Ecoflow
Battery type LiFePO4
Battery capacity in Wh 512 Wh
Output USB USB-A Output (x3): 5V, 2.4A (12W max)
USB-C Output (x1): 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A (100W max)
Output DC 1x 12.6V, 10A (126w max) DC Car Port
2x 12.6V, 3A (36w max) DC5521 port
Output 230 V 2 x AC 230 V (EU Schuko)
totaal max. 500 W continuous power
totaal max. 1000 W peak power
Input DC AC Charge Input Power, X-STREAM: 660W Max
Solar Charge Input XT60: 220W, 11-50V, 13A (220W max)
Car Charge Input: 12V/24V, 8A (100W max)
Recharge time via AC 0% to 100% in 60 minutes
Wifi-function Yes
Dimensions 27 x 26 x 19,6 cm
Weight 6 kg

45W Solar Panel

Product Specifications:

Rated Power 45W
Cell Type N Type TOPCon monocrystalline silicon
Efficiency 25%
Open Circuit Voltage 25.6V
Short Circuit Current 2.1A
Weight (Solar Panel) 3.09 lb/1.4 kg
Unfolded Dimensions 38.58x12.17x1.77 in / 980x309x25 mm
Folded Dimensions 8.74x12.17x0.98 in / 222x309x45 mm
Waterproof Certification IP68


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