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The Ecoflow Smart Home panel has been specially developed by Ecoflow for the DELTA Pro Ecosystem and connects the DELTA Pro Power Station(s) and extra batteries directly to your main electrical panel*. This allows you to create a home system with a maximum output power of 7200W and a capacity of 25 kWh. If you opt for one Ecoflow Delta Pro, the maximum output power is 3600W and the capacity depends on whether the Delta Pro is combined with an extra battery and/or a Smart Generator. Link up to 10 of your Smart Home Panel home circuits for uninterrupted power during power outages and smart energy management. The maximum current for channels 1-4 is 30A. The rest have a maximum current of 20A.

Even in situations where you are completely off grid, the Ecoflow Smart Home Panel can be installed. This gives you the opportunity to provide your devices with energy from one central point.

Most functions of the smart home panel are controlled via the Ecoflow App. In the app, you can prioritize which circuits will shut down automatically if there is not enough backup power. Or you can manually turn circuits on and off. The ecoflow app provides visualized energy consumption statistics for all connected circuits. Information about individual circuits helps you optimize energy consumption.

If you want to combine solar panels with the Ecoflow ecosystem, they can be linked to the Delta Pro. The Delta Pro has an 11-150V DC input, 15A max current, and 1600W max charging power.

In the box:

  • Smart Home Panel
  • Infinity Cable
  • Wall Mounts
  • Wire Connectors
  • User Manual
  • 8x Relay Module 13A
  • 5x Relay Module 16A

Product Specifications:

BrandEcoflowArtikelnummerDELTAProBC-EUWarranty5 yearWeight9 kg

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