EcoFlow Solar to XT60 Charging Cable - 3.5m

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The EcoFlow Solar to XT60 (3.5 m) Charging Cable, a versatile and efficient solution for connecting your solar panels to EcoFlow power stations. This specially designed cable enables you to harness clean and renewable energy to power your EcoFlow portable power station effectively. Compatible with all models in the DELTA/RIVER series, this cable ensures seamless integration and optimal charging performance.

Designed for convenience and reliability, the Solar to XT60 Charging Cable facilitates the connection between your solar panels and EcoFlow power station. With a length of 3.5 meters, this cable offers ample reach, allowing you to position your solar panels in an optimal location to capture sunlight efficiently. Whether you're setting up a solar power system for outdoor adventures, emergency situations, or off-grid living, this cable provides the flexibility you need.

The cable features an XT60 connector, ensuring compatibility with all EcoFlow power station models in the DELTA/RIVER series. This compatibility includes models such as RIVER mini, RIVER, RIVER Max, RIVER Pro, RIVER Plus, RIVER Max Plus, DELTA mini, DELTA, and DELTA Max (1600). With the Solar to XT60 Charging Cable, you can effortlessly connect your solar panels to your EcoFlow power station, unlocking the potential of renewable energy for your portable power needs.

Enjoy the benefits of clean energy with the EcoFlow Solar to XT60 Charging Cable. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of solar charging, reducing your reliance on traditional power sources and reducing your carbon footprint. Power your EcoFlow power station with the sun's energy and experience the freedom of sustainable and portable power.

Invest in the Solar to XT60 Charging Cable and unlock the full potential of your EcoFlow power station. Take advantage of clean and renewable energy sources, charge your power station efficiently, and embark on your adventures with confidence, knowing you have a reliable and eco-friendly power solution.

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Received within 3 days and comete order! The interface needs to get used to but overall I'm satisfied with my order. Tried to take a photo right away and print from my albums in my phone.

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