GVM 680RS RGB LED Light Panel

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Key Features


RGB LED soft light dual color soft panel GVM-680RS is designed for experienced photo enthusiasts. This product is suitable for both live/outdoor/studio photography and Youtube Video shooting. The main features of this product are:

RGB color and dual color temperature characteristics can be adjusted steplessly, brightness/color temperature RGB color/color purity can be controlled at will, color temperature range 3200K~5600K. The use of high-definition LED beads helps restore and enrich the colors of objects, providing you with natural and vivid photographic effects;

App Smart Control System, which can be controlled by your smart mobile device;

Master-Slave Control System: You can easily control any video lighting by downloading the application GVM from your mobile phone. It also has wireless master-slave control. Each LED panel can be set as the main camera light to control the same series of LED camera lights.

LCD screen, stable system, 360 degree rotation support, effective control of light. You can also install a folding diffuser to avoid too much light, make the light softer, and customize the filling light so that you can easily capture the desired effect.

The product can simulate eight scene lights: lightning, police car, candlelight, TV, bad light bulb, party, disco, paparazzi.

Led studio light with superior brightness

This video lighting is 50W high-power, with a brightness of 8500lux / 0.5m and 3000lux / 1m. It is composed of 560 LED light beads. The ultra-high color rendering index 97 + helps to restore and enrich color light objects and provides you with natural video shooting effect. The video lighting is 50W, with high power, brightness of 8500lux / 0.5m and 3000lux / 1m. It is composed of 560 led beads and ultra-high color rendering index of 97 +, which helps restore and enrich color light objects and provides you with natural and video shooting effects.

Multiple modes, full-color adjustable

CCT mode: white light color temperature adjustment mode, which can adjust light intensity and color temperature. CCT (correlated color temperature) mode allows the color temperature to be accurately adjusted from comfortable warm color 3200K to dark sky blue 5600k to match any lighting conditions, such as the warm color of terrible sunset, the cold color of bright sunshine, blue moonlight in summer or in a clear and dark sky. The green / magenta correction function in CCT mode allows fine tuning and matching with other HMI, LED or fluorescent lamps, or accurate color balance for different camera sensors.

HSI mode: HSI color mode allows you to work together by intuitively selecting specific colors and fine tuning the brightness and light intensity of colors. The hue, saturation and light intensity can be adjusted, (HSI = hue, saturation and light intensity), and 36 million colors can be adjusted.

RGB mode: RGB color light mode, which can adjust red light, green light and blue light respectively, and realize 1.6 x 1010 colors.



Brand GVM
Product Name
Photography Lights
Product Type
Photography Fill Light
Product Model GVM-680RS
Product Material Aluminum Alloy
Lamp Beads Quantity 560
Color rendering index ≥97
Color temperature 3200K~5600K
HUE RGB 0°~360°
SAT 0%~100%
8500lux/0.5m ; 3000lux/1m
Light adjustment method
Step-less adjustment
Features / Features
RGB, SAT, APP, Joint control, Special light, High color rendering index light beads, Upgrade LED screen
Power 50W
Voltage AC
Power supply mode
DC input&Battery
Power supply DC
Battery capacity
Product Weight 1.2KG
Product Size (mm) 270*318*40
Natural Heat Dissipation

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