Insta360 GO 3/ GO 3S Mic Wind Muff

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⦿ Seamless windproof cotton for quality sound transmission.
⦿ High-quality acoustic foam to reduce wind noise and produce more transparent sound.
⦿ Specifically designed for GO 3/GO 3S.
⦿ Includes 4x Mic Wind Muffs.

Acoustically transparent.
Effectively reduces wind noise without affecting recorded sound. Hear more of what you want and less of what you don't.

Fits like a glove.
Specially designed for GO 3 and GO 3S to stay out of footage and capture crystal-clear audio.

In the Box
4x Mic Wind Muffs

How to Use
Remove the film from the Mic Wind Muff. Align and stick it under the camera lens, ensuring it does not cover the microphone hole. Press down gently for a few seconds to ensure it is secure.
To remove the Mic Wind Muff, gently peel it off from the edge of the camera lens. Avoid pulling it from the center.

Before installing, make sure the camera is clean and dry.
Ensure both the Mic Wind Muff and Custom Skin do not cover the microphone hole.
Before shooting, ensure the Mic Wind Muff is firmly attached. Otherwise, the noise reduction effect may be affected.
Stick the original film back onto the Mic Wind Muff when not in use to maintain the adhesiveness. If it loses adhesiveness, clean it with a damp cloth, dry it, and reuse it.
Use and store the Mic Wind Muffs in a dry environment. Do not use them for water sports or rainy days, as dampness may affect the noise reduction effect.

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