The DJI Air 2S and the DJI RC are now compatible!

Video by Omell Cruz

Big news for the drone community, DJI has updated the firmware of the drones and controllers and now the DJI RC, which was used for the Mini 3, was updated to work with the Mavic 3 and Air2S. So in other words, you don't need to attach your cellphone anymore to use the controllers of the Mavic and and Air2S when you have the DJI RC. It's easy to pair with just the press of a button and the options for the 2 other drones now built-in already in the software.

The DJI RC Pro was also updated but it's not for everyone with it costing more than a DJI Mini 3 Pro. What it comes with is more features for the pro user with HDMI out for live feeds but at the cost of battery life.

Along with the new firmware comes the ability to use advanced cinematic movements which makes the joysticks easier to control with less sensitivity to the movement. 

Check out Omell's video on the subject and see real flight tests as well as insight on the new updates. If you're interested in any of the products, feel free to check out or message us on Facebook!