Different Types of Lens I Use as a Filmmaker Ft. Sadam Tejol 

With the large variety of camera lenses, choosing the right one for a specific scene is a bit confusing. Also, if you’re in the market for a new lens, deciding which one to get is a tedious process. Don’t worry because this article will guide you to make those things easier.

To a filmmaker, choosing the right lens for a specific look and feel of a film project is a bit technical. Every lens has its own set of characteristics and abilities. The best choice is determined by the specific needs of a shot.

Sadam is our Growth Marketing Manager. He has also been a cyclist, content creator, and freelance filmmaker for the past four years. Sadam is very particular about the lenses he uses in his projects, so he can guide you in deciding which lens to use.

Watch the video below to learn more about lenses. 

What an insightful video, isn't it? Here, he discussed the various types of lenses he uses in his filmmaking projects.

So here are the lenses he mentioned in the video:

According to him, the following are the most important factors to consider when buying a lens:

  1. KNOW your BUDGET
  2. KNOW your PURPOSE
  3. Look for stores that provide AFTER-SALES services

Now, go back to the Photography category, then click the Manual Lenses to find the best lenses for your shoots!

Let us now conclude with his wise words:

"Practice makes perfect. Pero wala naman talagang perfect, but definitely practice makes you better. Kaya shoot ka nang ng shoot. When you want talaga to shoot a manual lens, practice the distance, practice how to focus, and syempre yung control." - Sadam Tejol

Thanks for reading! and see you on the next adventure story!