Widen My Perspective in Making Travel Contents Using A Drone (DJI MINI 3) Ft. Jaco Reyes

Creating travel content can be a fun and rewarding way to document your adventures and share them in social media. With advancements in technology, there are more tools than ever to help capture stunning footage, from a small camera to a drone.

Jaco Reyes is our Sales Associate here in Altitude Digital and he loves Photography. From using a regular camera to capture every moment and adventure that he’s making, why did he decide to get a DJI Mini 3?

Let us watch the video to find out how a drone, specifically the DJI Mini 3 changed or widened his perspective in making his travel contents. 

If you want to know more about drones just check it here on the website and look for the category of the Drones. If you are interested in making your travel contents like Jaco, add to cart the DJI Mini 3 now.


 Take your travel contents to a higher level today! Get the DJI Mini 3.

 "If you're looking for your first drone, I would certainly recommend a DJI Mini 3. Aside from just being a content-creator friendly, it is easy to learn to fly this." - Jaco Reyes