My Creative Resolutions for 2023: Create Reels!

Create Reels! 

Long form content has been a staple for a long time when it comes to videos that people watch. The horizontal YouTube videos, the movies we watch in the cinema, even the newer Netflix titles are all in the longer format. More recently, we're in the era when people scrolling on social media have an attention span that's a lot shorter than before. As a result, the most popular content on the internet has been short form vertical videos that people can easily digest on their phones. The channels that most support vertical which are TikTok and Instagram have also the biggest reach for new creators and people who just want to express their creativity with their friendlier algorithm and possibility for you to go viral.

To level up the content I want to create, I need to make the video look different. Since most people, including myself, have their phone ready at hand all the time, a mobile gimbal would be a good choice to make sure the footage I shoot would be stable. Even if the phones have built in stabilization, it still has that electronic jitter when it tries to compensate for the movement of the shooter. 

I found some videos on YouTube talking about these: 

These videos would be great supplementary clips also for the main type of videos I'd like to create!

Here are my suggestions for mobile gimbals:

If you're looking for a budget gimbal for when you want to start out: the Moza Mini MX would be a good choice!

The higher-end brother which would be able to carry a small mirrorless camera as well: the Moza Mini-P Max

DJI has one as well: The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 

Zhiyun has a mobile specific gimbal too: Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-5

Time to step out of the comfort zone and explore new formats as well! 🤠

- Creative Carlo