DJI Mini 3 Pro and DJI RC Controller Signal Range Test | 4 Kilometers Away!

Video by Omell Cruz

In the video, The Drone Lord (Omell) talks about the DJI Mini 3 Pro and it's range capabilites. There are reports where the signal is already weak at 600m but in the video, Omell is going to test that. The Mavic 3 during his test had around 6km in it's tank but we can't expect the Mini 3 Pro to last that long as well since the maximum rated battery life is around 34 minutes of flying but not including the wind and other factors.

Using the DJI RC to fly the Mini 3, reaching the maximum height of 120m, we were able to reach 4km with moderate signal still. It could have possibly gone farther but due to the wind conditions going back, Omell had to make the drone return to home. On return after a total of 8km (4km going and 4km back) of flying, the drone still had around 38% left in the battery. They say that the range of the RC-N1 is a little farther but we can assume that it would be a little similar. 

According to Omell, he's not a fan of range tests maybe because of the possibility of losing the drone but we're thankful he does them for us! Check out his video and leave a like and subscribe to support him!

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