Off Camera Flash ESSENTIALS and BASIC Photography Lighting Tips By Jiggie Alejandrino

Video by: By Jiggie Alejandrino

Here are the essentials of Jiggie that he carries around to get the shots he wants:

He uses the Raptor 6000 Air as his main case to carry and protect the equipment he brings around because it's important to keep your passions and investments safe! 

What's in his bag:

- He has 4 flash units, 2 pieces of Sony F60RM and 2pieces of Sony F45RM!

Why? They serve a different purposes, the latter for lighter travel and indoor shoots when you don't need too much power. 

- A lightpole to connect the flash/speedlite to so that it doesn't attract too much attention for a simple shoot. It makes it easy for run and gun projects that you do not have a lot of time to setup for. It's also easy to angle it in different ways to make different looks a lot easier. 

- Batteries: Eneloop Pro (2 Per flash unit). They don't last that long, around 2 years and the quality degrades but note the date of purchase so you know when to replace your battery.

- Mini Coldshoe for the lightstand so you can tilt the light in the direction you want it to without an assistant. 

- MagMod System: MagSphere with MagGrid and MagGel. To match the color of the flash to the ambient light. It equalizes the light rather than makes it soft so there's still the same power but equally distributed. Check out the other accessories in Jiggie's video!

- ND Filters: ND32 and ND8 with step up rings. Sometimes the flash isn't strong enough to overpower the sun so the ND filter can cut the light. Together with the flash you're able to use it to make a properly exposed image.

- Photix Cerberus: A Multi mount holder that's able to attach many things at the same time and acts as a coldshoe and more! It allows you to use the flash and multiple attachments to create a bigger setup. 

To learn more about photography check out his YouTube channel:

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